I'm Mayur


A Founder, Growth Hacker, Marketer, Engineer and Product guy based in Vancouver, Canada.



My first client was a teacher when I still in university (mid-90’s). He wanted a website to share his professional ambitions and get funding for research work. 

Since then, I have helped hundreds of SMBs and first-time founder gain in Makeup, Dental, NPO, Sports, Mental Health and more.

90% of my work involves developing “content-first” growth marketing strategies. Lately, some clients are starting to ask about PPC – a predictable trend given that we are living in an “attention economy” now.

Growth Marketer and hacker is the term that suits me best (thanks Jim!) and I think that’s where my career is heading.

Product guy

A proven Technical Product Manager, and Product consultant for startups.

With 20 years in IT deeply embedded in Engineering teams, I have plenty of experience in agile and waterfall teams (thankfully, I need to wear raingear anymore). Recently I worked as a TPM for a ride-sharing startup that was challenging Uber.

I’m often putting on my product strategy and design hats for private clients that don’t understand the importance of product in their business. Discovering the world of PM a few years ago has developed this side of business even further.

In early 2020, I was aiming to build fractional.pm – Director of Product as a service for startups. That didn’t work out (DM me). aspiring.pm – a by-product of that venture – was a success and is live.


I wrote my first line of code in CGI in highschool I believe, and not long after in HTML when it was first released (by the krakens) in 1996.

A full-stack Engineer, I’m typically developing in PHP JS and CSS these days.

In 2007 I wrote my own CMS in ASP classic and SQL. I used that skill to build a CMS for an employer that wanted to index 20,000 documents. I sold a few license to clients before going all in with WordPress after attending WordCamp in 2008. The CMS is on github now and I’m still using WordPress for client installations.

I probably should have learned OOP and stayed with MS and .NET but you know, back in those days.. it was Microsoft.

I’m thinking about upskilling with React and Ruby in 2021.


25+ years of experience creating logos, magazine ads, brand kits, business cards, flyers, and so much more. Experience with the entire Adobe suite and with dozens of other online and desktop apps – Miro , Balsamiq, Coreldraw (lol), VSDC, Canva, Spark and more.

I think my first creative piece was a painting when I was 10. Even with more than 10,000 hours, I still wouldn’t call myself an expert – that’s probably a confidence issue. 

UX design continues to fascinate me and I’m still trying to make the perfect logo (evidenced by not having one here).

I know you want some visuals.. so here you go:



Recent client work in Digital Marketing, Product, and startups.

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I’m always thinking about new ways to solve problems. Sometimes, they become experiments that I explore.

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A prototypical technical product manager. On one hand, he has an understanding of technology and its applications in a wide landscape. And on the other hand, he has the curiosity to explore the needs of the customers and focus on the essential pain points of their business. He strives to marry the two to bring value to customers through the use of the correct technical solution. He pays attention to and finds new processes and best practices to bring forth the best and repeatable results in the least amount of time and effort. Because of his flexible mindset to be aware and empathetic of the human factors in technology, he makes a great product leader in technology.
Mayur is the ultimate business and Technology professional. He understands business and is very skilled in writing documents that Engineers can work with. Mayur has a knack for uncovering key business problems and doesn’t hesitate to share and collaborate with multiple teams to get those problems solved. In every interaction with others, he is a great listener, documents and shares his findings without hesitation. The Engineering team relies heavily on his work and skill in Business Analysis, Product design, strategy and more. I would definitely recommend Mayur to anyone considering him!
I’ve been working closely with Mayur as Kater team and wanted to say what is doing as a technical writer is significant. He is very dedicated to turning all oral communication in a fast-growing start-up environment which is massive to documentation. His documents helping a lot to clarify the road maps also very good to come back and review what other team members mentioned.
Mayur has been directly involved in creating, updating and evolving our two company websites for www.insideedgehockey.com and www.jrsteelers.com. He has been able to develop a relationship with our businesses over time that has allowed us to provide our customers with great content pertaining to our hockey programs. I would strongly encourage anyone that is looking to develop our strengthen their business through their website to give Mayur a call.
Mayur has so much knowledge when it comes to designing websites, online marketing, and SEO. He is so flexible, and really delivers what the clients wants. I am so glad Mayur and I worked together putting my website together, and anyone who hires him for their business needs, will be very glad you did also!
Mayur is an incredible perceptive and smart manager. Very keen and a team player, he foresees potential issues and right away start acting to find solutions. Mayur is very good with people, always available to give a hand to his colleagues and team, and he's very passionate about businesses and products. I lost count of how many times he impressed me with clever short and long term ideas for the product. So, ask me if I would work with him again and my answer would be YES! No question about it. Would I hire him as a product manager? I would hire him anytime. This guy was born to be a product manager. Working with Mayur was a great pleasure and gave me a great deal of opportunities to learn and grow. It was a real joy and I'm proud to have him not only as a coworker but as a real friend.


NOTE: I’m not taking client work until Q2 2021. I make exceptions for past clients, non-profit organizations, or special projects that new clients are interested in building. Feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.


Email / LinkedIn / Youtube / Twitter / Github / Reddit / Telegram / Dis cord: heyitsmj#6294