For more than 20 years, I have been an Entrepreneur, a Designer, an Engineer, and a Creative exploring new possibilities and domains in the Tech industry. I have worked in teams of every size and scope – from startups to Enterprise, and everything in between.

As a Digital Marketing and Product consultant, I have helped countless founders start their journey – from makeup artistry to hockey clubs, to health and wellness coaches. I have built web servers, built web sites, built brands, built SEO campaigns, written funding and patent applications, and helped clients in every aspect of business that I could – all to help them achieve their dreams.

I guess startups, small business owners, and “founders with a dream” is where my heart is truly at.

I keep ending up here it seems – either helping others launch their own gig, or starting something myself. I don’t know if I’m “attracting” them, or if it’s a predictable side effect of all my past experience. happens to be one of those ideas. Discovered through my own experience in Product Management last year, I saw an opportunity to build a marketplace for people just like me – talented and skilled in Product, and looking for work. It’s been an amazing journey, from an idea to 100+ in 2 weeks. I’m bootstrapping it with a small army of amazing volunteers and friends right now. Join us at

I’m open to hearing about opportunities in Product, Business and Startup Consulting, or Venture Capital.

Feel free to reach out or email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn at