My Creative Explorations into Marketing, Design, Faith, Spirituality and more


in Marketing, Design, Spirituality, Faith and more

As a Designer and Marketer, I’m often coming up with Marketing ideas, and Business offerings that I think could have some potential. This pageĀ  showcases my thought process and journey into those explorations.

Questions I think about that inspires these ideas:

  1. How can we (as Entrepreneurs) do business better?
  2. How can we serve customers in a more authentic way?
  3. How can we use Technology in a way to help, rather than harm?
  4. Where is the future of A/I going to take us?
  5. Why do we need Artists, Inventors, and Makers in the 21st century?

If any of the explorations I discuss interest you, get in touch and lets have a conversation about them. I’m always looking forward to having candid and open dialog about subjects like Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing, Bitcoin, and much more.