Hiring AW

Problem: Candidates have trouble finding remote jobs and companies are using many different expensive posting platforms and can’t find candidates.
More details: I’m seeing lots of job boards for different roles (I’m a Product Manager) but there isn’t one website where companies can post remote jobs and where candidates can signup for a simple, easy to read daily email.
Hypothesized solution: For candidates, a daily email that sends you opportunities that match your role. Future versions to include save/favourites, mark as “applied” so you don’t get a repeat of the listing in the next email. For companies, a way to pay for and submit listings ($10 per listing or something low cost). The “add listing” would be simple. Add company info > Add role > Publish role. The daily email would be very simple. The candidate emails would be very simple initially as well – visit website, choose a role, and subscribe.
I have other ideas like listing copy services, ads by resume prep companies, best practices, data insight into clicks, email follow up for clicked listings, a hiring website and meeting platform, etc. Need a tech co-founder though.
I’m in PST and able (but not yet prepared) to work on this f/t right now. The date of this post is also the date I registered the domain. Just getting started.
About me: 20+ years in the tech industry, done lots of agency and design work. Technical, creative, and a founder. Go here http://mayur.ca

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