Stripe should let customers create stores on

So I’m working on a client project (a non-profit) and I’m currently working on the e-commerce portion (for now donations and fund raising, later for a store) of their website. I’m using WordPress as my CMS of choice.

There are several ways I could go about doing this:

  1. Build a full store on their website with Woocommerce (would need some subscription plugins)
  2. Install a plugin that handles their specialized needs (they want to do donations) like s-plugin or seamless donations (they use Stripe)
  3. Offload all the store and transaction management to a 3rd party (instacart, shopify, something else)
  4. Use gravity forms (which I like) and tack on payments (more info here for Stripe)

Being a hacker/tinkerer/dev I like trying a few different options and plugins to see how I can best handle this (and also make it easy for the client).

I’m really eager to use Gravity forms as my preferred option because I can add extra details to the form like specialized questions, use conditional logic and more.

Seamless Donations comes closest to the client’s needs. It has some well thought out functionality.

Here is the donation form they offer.

I’m tempted to go with seamless, but I would like to look at other, more robust options.

Enter Stripe.

When I was poking around the Stripe dashboard, I found something I hadn’t tried yet: Products.

Creating a product (one-time or recurring) was easy enough.

After creating a new product, my next assumption was that I could link directly to this product from our website.

You know, something like


Turns out you can’t (from what I can tell). Apart from building software that interacts (via the Stripe API and webhooks), there is no obvious way to use this created product for a non-coder.

Stripe does have something called Checkout, which I assume will eventually allow this but I didn’t see any obvious way to turn Checkout on/off in the Dashboard.

I got onto a chat with Stripe Tech Support but they don’t know either (their followup email was of no help also).

P.S. Hey Stripe, I’m an experienced Technologist, self taught Dev, ex-DevOps, and Product guy ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work. 😉


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