Alexander the Great visits India

Once Alexander the Great was coming to India, his spiritual master had told him, that during your conquest if you go to India, you should get a spiritual master and bring him to our country. So when he conquered and came to India, he told his assistant “I want to see a spiritual guru!”.  So the assistant inquired and was told that in Vrindavan there was a guru. So he went to Vrindavan and told the guru “Our Alexander the Great wants to see you.”

The guru said “I don’t care”. So he got angry and went back to Alexander, and said “He doesn’t want to come!” Alexander was equally infuriated. He was angry. He said “I will teach him a lesson!” Alexander picked up his sword, sat on his horse, came to Vrindavan, grabbed the saint by the neck, and said “I will teach you a lesson! You dare disobey me? I asked you to come! Why didn’t you come?”.

The saint said, “Relax, why are you getting so agitated? Who are you? ”

Alexander said “I am Alexander the Great!”

The saint asked, “What is so great about you?”

Alexander said, “I have conquered all the lands!”

The saint asked, “Oh. What will you do now?”

Alexander said, “I will conquer more lands!”

The saint asked, “Then what will do?”

Alexander said, “Then I will conquer the whole world!”

The saint asked, “Then what will do?”

Alexander said, “Then I will get the 100 most beautiful women and marry them!”

The saint asked, “Then what will do?”

Alexander said, “Then I will get 10 sons from each of them!”

The saint asked, “Then what will do?”

Alexander said, “Then I will divide the whole world which I have conquered to my sons!”

The saint asked, “Then what will do?”

Alexander said, “Then I will relax!”

The saint said, “That’s what I’m doing now. Come and join me!”



The power of your own thought

The last few journey.. maybe it helps you

Step 1: Get to the point where you DO NOT care what ANYONE anyone.. like i mean.. anyone at all.. ever.. get to that point..

Step 2: Get to the realization that NOTHING in your current environment matters.. not TRUMP.. not the economy.. not your current job.. not your mother or father or wife or husband.. THEY can never live in your shoes.. they don’t read your heart like you do.. NEVER EVER ever.. Your current situation doesn’t have to dictate the future..

Step 3: Realize you can’t change anyone.. if source can’t make them see.. what makes you think you can? That was a big moment for me…Really get this one and a huge weight will be lifted off.. you will suddenly realize only one light source can be changed.. yours.. your fire can be stoked… if some others catch notice.. great.. but who cares if they do or don’t.. thats just bonus points..their time will come when they are ready for it.. just not now..move along

Step 4: Relax.. its all in your control.. meditate and focus on what you want.. just dream.. think.. smile.. laugh.. let all the pain go.. no barriers.. no limits.. think big.. dream it.. see it… kill the little voices of doubt that want to creep in.. Get to the point where you are saying.. “Hmmm.. you know I think I could.. hmmm.” ponder it.. and DON”T LET GO of it.. whatever it takes.. people will try .. your own mind might step in.. but hold fast to the little heart warming dreams..

Things will happen that will astound you

(See part 2 of this journey.. what the effects of the journey have been so far for me…

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