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100 ideas to think about for Goal setting + Resources

As with most of life.. this is a work in progress.. if you like it.. email me and I will finish it


Idea #1: Dreams have a habit of sticking

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this one particular house that I see myself living in one day. It’s not a house I have seen before. It’s an idea I keep seeing in my head. I see the kitchen, the layout, and front door, the car, the building shape. I see the bedroom and I see the rooftop solar panels, and the roof garden, and big stairs, and an elevator. I see a billiard table, and I see an obvservatory in a grain silo on the same property. It’s a really strange dream. I don’t quite know where it came from. I think I was watching a home building show on TV and then had the dream “manifest” itself at night.

The house in my dreams doesn’t appear in perfect detail yet. I haven’t sketched it out, or picked out the color of drapes and sofa fabric. People into LOA (like myself) suggest I should keep working on the detail, to “attract” the house to me. It’s on my agenda and I will post more about that soon.

Why does my dream of the house keep re-appearing? Is it possible to dream of something that you have never seen or experienced? What about you? Do you have recurring dreams like me? Post in the comments below with your ideas.

I’m convinced that dreams aren’t accidents. They are intentional desires that have yet to manifest themselves in our reality. I think a lot of our instinctual desires are like that. We are following an subconscious desire towards something that we want.  I also believe that subconscious desires (like the dream of a house I keep having) are either from previous re-incarnations in my past life, or are new parts of my current programming that I’m supposed to achieve in this reality.

Many people ignore their dreams and just assume they can never achieve them. We all have instances where we don’t follow instincts and desire, and in the end, we become unhappy and sick because we didn’t achieve what we know is possible. As a result, we wake up each day knowing we failed, or that we didn’t reach high enough, or that we missed an opportunity in the past.

Although I haven’t found or built the house of my dreams yet, I know that it’s within my reach, but beyond my grasp.  I’m nearly there, but I have more work to do before I find it.

The odd thing about my dream, is that it won’t go away.  It doesn’t get more clear, and yet it doesn’t get more vague either. I’m not that eager to make it disappear. I’m deeply curious where this house is. Have I seen it before? Did I drive by it every day not realizing it was near by? Do I need to travel to get there?

Having spoken to others about vivid dreams, it seems that certain dreams don’t go away. They stay stuck in our heart and mind, like an in-built memory from before.

I went into a discussion about dreams, because it’s so relevant to goal-setting:

  1. Are you setting goals that help you achieve your vivid dreams?
  2. Are you setting goals below what your vivid dream has manifested?

Idea #2: What Energizes YOU?

Small dreams will rarely excite you. Think about the goals that your friends or family have? Do those goals excite you? Do you get supercharged by someone else’s goals for YOUR life?

Goals should be personal and only yours. You will find it very difficult to achieve goals that you aren’t PERSONALLY committed to. Achievement and success rarely is hard enough, without being asked to reach a goal given to to you by someone else.

If a mother or father sets up a goal for your life, it takes more energy to follow through then it does to follow your own desires. Why is that? Goals given to us like “go to school” or “marry this girl/guy” or “live this way” or “think like this” are in complete opposition to your natural desire for freedom. Freedom to move, to think, to speak, to listen, to act, to eat as you PERSONALLY wish. Freedom is a powerful human desire within you that is continually re-checking the constraints around you.

Living within societies, you are constrained by law, by financial ability, by space limits, and by existing models of work, play, and collaboration with others (eg: M-F, weekends off). If you want a new car, house, or vacation, its understood you will need a resource called money (or great friends!). You also understand that money is generated through some kind of exchange of work (before you say it, winning the lottery is still work. It’s just very little work!). These limitations, as obvious as they are, don’t stop you from achieving outcomes.

You can achieve big goals in your life, despite the inherent limitations because the goals are YOURS. Nobody is asking you to




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