200+ Accelerators, Grants, Incubators, Government programs, Schools, and Organizations

Written in 2020

It’s only been about 4 or so weeks but I have discovered many possibilities for acquiring funding and support from investors, schools, and government. Every time I look, I find something new. I only have 20+ listed here so far, but Dan Martell has 200+ more!

I will do my best to keep this page updated as often as possible.

If you see a new resource, PLEASE email me and let me know at hello@mayur.ca so that everyone may benefit.

Before you go anywhere on this list, you absolutely MUST connect with Dan Martell on LinkedIn.

Dan has a list of over 200+ accelerators and organizations that you might help you. Most of these are USA-based, but don’t let that stop you. Remember, you are building a business so that you can help a Customer. How you get there are just the details.


P.S. If you don’t get a response from Dan, just send me an email – hello@mayur.ca or connect on LinkedIn with me here and I will make sure you get the latest list.

Incubators, pitch events, VCs and private equity

ResourceMy experience
Global Talent Accelerator – https://globaltalentaccelerator.com/ I just connected with some people on LinkedIn so far.
Vantec – https://www.vantec.ca/ I went to their pitch event and met with some amazing people here. DO NOT miss their event!
Accel-RX – https://www.accel-rx.com/ I just found this recently and haven’t investigated yet. Looks like a good fit for what I’m building at foodpilot.ai

Governments, Foundations, non-profits

ResourceMy experience
Innovation Canada – https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/080.nsf/eng/home DO NOT miss this one! Plenty of resources here!
GenomeBC – https://www.genomebc.ca/ Just connecting with some so far. I haven’t met anyone from the organization here yet.

Schools/Universities/Labs and Meetups

ResourceMy experience
Tech Vancouver – https://techcouver.com/ I have been to two events so far and I URGE you to attend, network and meet people. I write a lot about how the 2nd and 3rd order consequences of networking will surprise you. If you do nothing else, print some business cards, and attend one of these events.
Tech Talent – https://techtalent.ca/ These are primarily aimed at job seekers, but they are definitely worth attending to network, make friends. I found a key resource for my team at foodpilot.ai here!
Facebook Developer Circle – facebook.com/groups/DevCVancouver/ I joined this recently after finding out about it when meeting another founder locally. I’m still looking for a Technical co-founder and may find someone here.
Lean Canvas – https://leanstack.com/leancanvasThis is an amazing way to build out all the puzzles pieces of your startup and a great way to brainstorm everything you need to think about. The Traction Roadmap is a MUST DO!
SFU Radius – https://radiussfu.com/ I went to one of their events recently and LOVED meeting with Alan Albert from marketfit.com. I wrote about that workshop here.
Creative Destruction Lab – https://www.creativedestructionlab.com/ From what I can tell its mentorship/training and spaces to work. I haven’t made any formal contact with them yet.

Here are a bunch of BC/Canada options. I just discovered these today and need to investigate further.

  • Accelerate Okanagan
  • BC Tech Association Hypergrowth Program
  • Creative Destruction Lab
  • e@UBC
  • Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre
  • Launch Academy
  • New Ventures BC Venture Acceleration Program
  • next36
  • SFU i2i program
  • SFU Venture Connection
  • Spring Activator
  • VentureLabs
  • VIATEC Venture Acceleration Program

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