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(last updated June 2022)

I’m deeply involved in blockchain and crypto these days (see my ongoing projects here or here). On this page, I share a long list of resources to learn about crypto, web3, blockchains, and cryptocurrency. This list is useful for all kinds of users, from newbies that have never used crypto before, to veterans that are deep in the crypto space.

If you have a resource that belongs on this page, let me know.


I’m doing a lot of consulting lately with DAOs. I’m a core member of BlockBusterDAO and past core member of RocketBUSD. Below are some good starting points to learn about DAOs

DAO Tooling

  • Gnosis Safe – Multisig wallets commonly used to manage community treasuries.
  • Snapshot – Off-chain voting platform for easy token-based governance.
  • Discourse – Forum commonly used to discuss governance proposals.
  • CollabLand – Bots providing token-gated access and tipping to community chat groups.
  • Coordinape – Coordination game to determine which contributors(s) deserve token rewards.
  • Parcel – Treasury management to easily track and send payments.
  • SourceCred – Instance to track community participation and reward active members.
  • Mirror – Finance creative projects through tokenized crowdfunds.
  • Tally – Governance dashboard to track on-chain voting history across different protocols.
  • Boardroom – Governance hub for tokenholder management to empower key decision making.
  • Sybil – Create and track on-chain governance delegation.
  • RabbitHole – Reward tokens for completing specific on-chain tasks.
  • *Clarity* – Plan projects, track tasks, and stay organized with a single collaborative workspace that combines freeform documents with structured project management.
  • Orca – Small working groups to build governance around people based on their expertise, not just their wallet.
  • Coinvise – creating and managing tokens, air drops, etc.

DAO Experts

DAO Learnings

Existing Clients

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