Decision Making – Three-Point vs 2×2

Written in 2020

I love “nerding” out on scenario modelling, decision making, and spending time thinking about “how I think”. Often, I do those deep dives when faced with difficult decisions.

Typically, the framework I go to is the Three-point Estimation technique (best case, worst case, likely case) which you can read more about at and here

Thanks to Charlene Wang, I learned a new way to decide and prioritize. The 2×2 framework explained in this video is elegant and useful for all kinds of decisions you might need to make like…

Should I start this startup?
Should I write this blog post?
Should I post that photo on social?
Should I post this on LinkedIn?
Should I take that job?
Should I send that message to someone?
Should I buy that house?
Should I move to another city?

The basic rules are:

1. If it’s reversible and insignificant, do it ASAP
2. If it’s irreversible and significant, do it ALAP – as LATE as possible.
3. If it’s anything else, get more info

Once you have some decisions made, then find out the lead domino and act on it.

I’m going to use this more! Thanks Charlene!

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