My Favorite things

Credit cards have come a long way in the last 5 years. NEO Financial is definitely my new favorite. Its setup as the default provider on my phone (Google Wallet) and I love the emails, reports, cash back, and overall user experience. If you are still looking at paper credit card bills, upgrade your life with Neo. 

Get Neo here.

“Know thyself”. These two words have driven a lot of my own journey and success. I recently discovered a great training program by Patrick Bet David that helps one learn about what drives them. Patrick’s short quiz he helps you figure out which one is your main driver in life: madness, individuality, purpose, or mindset (mine is purpose btw). 

Take the Quiz here

There are tonnes of ways to record your online conversations. Most people use Zoom or Google Meet and that’s perfectly fine. What if you want to have much longer recordings? Or what if you want to ensure that you record in HD even when users don’t have the bandwidth?

Riverside is the Zoom Plus option for you.


I love building websites, but sometimes, you just gotta validate and make something quick. Nothing beats Mixo!


AI has taken the world by storm. I’m currently experimenting with, an app that lets me build WordPress using AI. If you are into WordPress development, check it out.


Existing Clients

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After hours...

When I’m not at my desk, I pass the time readingbuilding and brainstorming startups, whiteboarding, blogging, building the future of money and tech, and occasionally, playing a bit of billiards.