Sliced cake on plate

COVID has stopped people from gathering. In the future, people will want to watch events from the comfort of their own home. Watchers will want to feel like they are at the event. Traditionally streams are broadcast from show and event organizers. The viewer experience is highly tailored and edited. Streamcake is a new way […]

People on a video call

Just finished a zoom webinar with Jason Calacanis and Adeo Ressi and saw that everyone was sharing their LinkedIn URLs. The tech writer in me couldn’t resist. I just had to make a google doc and share it with everyone that attended. So I did here: I thought to myself: “Why doesn’t someone invent […]


Instantly run an AMA for your live event without logging in An online app where anyone can instantly launch an AMA for their live online conversation or stream they broadcast on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, etc. Register, Publish, Share I’m listening to a conversation by @sabakarimm and @danhightowerjr right now. Most of these social apps have […]


Watching Justin Kan roast pitches got me thinking this is something startups/founders would LOVE to have. Monetization: Double-sided. Founders pay a small one-time fee to upload their decks into a “pitch room”. This small fee ensures the marketplace remains clean. Investors pay a higher fee to see new decks and engage with founders. Roadmap/Features: Founders […]

Buy any NFT

There are too many competing crypto networks, each with its own protocol and chain. This is good for innovation but bad for buyers that want to just buy NFTs. In order to buy NFTs, you need to hold tokens on each platform, and then learn how to perform transactions. This is silly. Someone should make […]


A social app where founders post their “daily wins” sharing their updates which get shared socially and openly, and then VCs can “cheer on” founders with a quick tweet, or video, or audio message. Basically Twitter, but for a specific subset of users (founders and investors) Born out of this idea

Small Wins App

I need a place to store my daily todos and minor activities. Something lighter than Trello, but heavier than notepad (my current implementation). Just a place to quickly jot down what’s on my plate today, and check them off when done. I don’t need due dates, or tagging, or task assignment or sharing. Just something […]


Why can’t LinkedIn just go and look at all my other social sites, write up something about me using AI and keep my profile updated at all times? Someone should build that.

Originally a domain name registered without a specific idea in place. I recently thought about a potential idea that could be interested to build/launch. Based on this video:, maybe this site can be an online educational game where founders drag/drop puzzle pieces around, and then submit their proposal. Each of the puzzle pieces would […]

Fragile Meta Links

This idea is based on this: With doppler, you can expire shared documents after x views or x days/weeks. This is a neat idea. But what if we could sign a document with a Metamask wallet, and then also (optionally) specify the wallet addresses that are allowed to view the document? That would be […]