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Founders/Startups don’t have any insight into what investors are thinking when pitch decks are reviewed. Investors also don’t have a good workflow to receive pitch decks.


A marketplace where founders can submit pitches, and angels can give feedback over video/audio and then founders can record video feedback and submit revisions


Watching Justin Kan roast pitches got me thinking this is something startups/founders would LOVE to have.

Monetization: Double-sided. Founders pay a small one-time fee to upload their decks into a “pitch room”. This small fee ensures the marketplace remains clean. Investors pay a higher fee to see new decks and engage with founders.


  • Founders can record a short video and walk through the deck
  • Investors can follow investment categories that interest them
  • Founders can upload revisions and investors can re-watch if they want
  • Both parties can discuss and interact in private video chat rooms – both sync and async
  • Pitch designers, consultants, writers, marketers and others can join as service providers and offer their freelance skills
  • Both parties can create teams and invite them into pitch rooms
  • Investors can create investor-related notes and grade startups
  • Social media integration (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) so that founders can share startup updates by tagging their social posts with a special tag
  • Analytics so that founders know which deck slides had the most/least engagement
  • Importing (one-way only) slides by sharing the slide URL (Google, Figma, and others)
  • Automatic revision history and ability to set decks to Draft/Publish
  • Investors, with founder permission, can save their feedback videos
  • If above, PitchRoaster can publish feedback videos on the PitchRoaster website
  • Startups can create different types of review rooms – one for friends and family, one for professional investors
  • A less “controversial” domain name that startups can use if they don’t like “Pitch Roaster”. Could also register “ReviewMyPitch.com” and have the platform source code duplicated there. Fees would be higher there and the branding/style would be different.
  • Founders can “theme” their pitch rooms with their preferred style/color/graphics/font etc.

Go to market strategy:

Anyone, in theory, could review a deck. A professor, a teacher, an “adult”, writer, a Senior Professional, a junior investor, friends and so on. I would start with letting startups post their pitches for free and then let them invite anyone they want into review rooms. They can create as many rooms as they want and even allow room members to interact if they like.

Once startups are on the platform, professional investors will show up without any platform marketing efforts (startups will invite them over anyway).









This page represents just one of the many startup ideas that I post publicly. I tend to do this ideation work a LOT thanks to my ever curious brain. 

Very few of these turn into reality but they represent fun thought experiments that I sometimes review, add to and explore further. 

I share this stuff freely online because ideas are meaningless without execution.

If you like the idea on this page, and want to work on it, feel free. 

Let me know if you do. I might want to join in!

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