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This page represents just one of the many startup ideas that I might feel like working on some day. I tend to do this a lot thanks to my overly creative brain. Very few of these ideas turn into reality – though it would be fun to try. I share this stuff online because ideas are meaningless without execution.

If you like this idea, and want to work on it, feel free. 

Let me know if you do. I might want to join in!


Idea Stage: Just an idea


I use multiple apps and methods to publish, note, and journal

Hypothesized Solution:

An app that connects to the other apps that I use like Gdocs, Notion, WordPress, knows what kind of content I’m publishing, and updates those target documents automatically. Sort of a virtual secretary. Powered by AI of course.


I got this idea from watching Liam Bolling talk about resumes at He gave some good tips about what questions to ask yourself when thinking about resume bullets. I wanted to drop those notes down into a Google doc that I'm keeping (I should probably move to notion at some point I suppose).


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