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This page represents just one of the many startup ideas that I might feel like working on some day. I tend to do this a lot thanks to my overly creative brain. Very few of these ideas turn into reality – though it would be fun to try. I share this stuff online because ideas are meaningless without execution.

If you like this idea, and want to work on it, feel free. 

Let me know if you do. I might want to join in!

Simple Social CRM

Idea Stage: Just an idea

A simple CRM that has a browser plugin so that I can tag contacts in LinkedIn.


Tagging contacts isn’t possible on LinkedIn

Hypothesized Solution:

A browser plugin that lets me tag someone on LinkedIn and add to a simple CRM


Tagging is a start. But what about followup? Or what about when they accept my friend request? Or if they don't? You don't get their contact info until they do. What if you msg them? Are they more valuable? Can "value" of the contact be tracked without my intervention (based on # and quality of msg exchange for example)? And then when it comes to using these contacts, can I run form emails or letters? Or maybe even using something like to produce full blown funnel pages?


Got a potentially good domain name "The CRM that takes 30 seconds to learn."

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