Mayur Jobanputra

I’m always thinking about startups. Shown below is just one of many I have thought about.

VideoPopsicle / WatchLaughTalk



I would love to watch a video with friends and pause easily

Hypothesized Solution:

An app where we can vote on a video, watch, have it pause automatically based on audio, and record the commentary


I just finished my first video with Teresa on Exponent and thought.. hmm.. wouldn't it be great if we watched a video together and could share/comment?


How to create virality: You invite friends and the only way for them to become users and launch their own popsicle is that you have to first do a video with them and then earn a certain score. The score is calculated on the number of pauses, re-starts, sounds recorded during (laugh, cry, talk, etc) etc.


Users that get more popsicles can invite more users to the platform. The users can also sell invites if they like and earn a cut too.

Is this a unicorn, soonicorn, or should this get buried?

Ideas are fun, but they don’t turn into reality without a community to support them. Leave a reply below if you have something interesting to contribute – even if you think this idea sucks!

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