Mayur Jobanputra

Idea Portfolio


I’m always thinking about startups. On this page I have listed many of the ideas I have come up over the past 20 or so years. Most of these never become anything more than idea. Some take an initial shape (often a doc and domain), and a few even go to market or are being worked on now.

What do I after I see a problem worth solving? 

Here is my process (post the initial idea):

  1. Do some “napkin-math” to see if the idea is worth pursuing (blog post coming soon, for now see here)
  2. Check for domain names – see if someone has thought of this
  3. Research to find out if someone else is building this already. If they are, visit their site and “glean” what they discovered and (often) what they missed (its ridiculously easy to get off track in startups)
  4. If nobody seems to be, explore the idea further to see if a community exists and if someone mentions the same problem
  5. Explore the business and startup canvases (google business model canvas)
  6. Consider the idea from a PM lens: “What could the MVP look like?”
  7. Think about partners and influencers that might participate
  8. Think about the Wizard of Oz version of the startup 

At this point, if I get a good feeling and think it’s worth pursuing, I start the heavy lifting like 

  • looking for potential teammates and co-founders
  • joining communities (there is a community for everything)
  • reading blogs
  • joining email newsletters
  • asking on reddit for some pointers to resources
  • listening to podcasts
  • developing a mission/vision (something new that I’m working more on)
  • and most important of all: finding and talking to customers to get a deeper sense of their interest and pain frequency

If I can stomach all of this customer and market research, and I’m still excited by the problem (I often stop being somewhere in the research), then I know I’m on to something that’s a great product/market/founder fit (google it.. its a thing).

In the past, (prior to becoming a product manager), I would have jumped headfirst into building the thing. Nowadays, I “front-run” problem discovery, customer surveys, and team building instead. 

So that’s a little about my process.. enjoy the list!

Building MVP
The Problem: Makeup artists have no obvious way to build their site, get clients, and grow their business
Hypothesized Solution: A one-stop directory, agency, community, LMS, and more


I first registered the domain after having prior experience working with a client, Julie Brown, a makeup artist


I placed the project on hold due to personal circumstances


I restarted the project as I still didn't see any competitors entering this area of business

Actively Considering
The Problem: Communities and social apps are broken. Users join, rarely engage, and are left participating in conversations that don't matter.
Hypothesized Solution: The entire idea of social media needs a reboot. I'm starting by building a direct competitor to Slack, Discord, and FB groups. If you want more info, visit


Just an idea
The Problem: I use multiple apps and methods to publish, note, and journal
Hypothesized Solution: An app that connects to the other apps that I use like Gdocs, Notion, WordPress, knows what kind of content I'm publishing, and updates those target documents automatically. Sort of a virtual secretary. Powered by AI of course.


I got this idea from watching Liam Bolling talk about resumes at He gave some good tips about what questions to ask yourself when thinking about resume bullets. I wanted to drop those notes down into a Google doc that I'm keeping (I should probably move to notion at some point I suppose).


Commentor App

Just an idea
The Problem: Commenting with keyboard is slow and painful
Hypothesized Solution: A desktop utility that watches the app you use (Slack, Discord, FB, LinkedIn, etc), lets you record an audio file, transcribes and automatically posts a text reply and a link to the audio file


Idea inception thinking about working with Jason Calacanis at Launch as a social media manager. How would I possibly comment on all these platforms? Typing is so slow. There has to be a better way. How about a little app (windows/mac) that sees the app I use, and then posts a reply for me by transcribing my audio response. That would be amazing and a real time saver.

Just an idea
The Problem: VC's have trouble finding promising early-stage founders
Hypothesized Solution: Instead of launching a community, course, or saas event, hire a professional "founder scout" at Founder Scouts are professional founder finders that join startup communities and identify promising founding teams that don't yet have a voice.


Idea inception thinking about the VC and startup ecosystem. I love startups and founder. I wonder if a marketplace of this kind could exist where people are paid as a professional founder scout.

Resume Secretary

Just an idea
The Problem: Job seekers don't have good ways to track their job applications
Hypothesized Solution: A virtual assistant that tracks your application progress by email, gives you insight into what resumes work and don't work, and which versions of your resume seem to be working best


I'm tracking my job applications in a very primitive way right now. I'm using google docs and a folder. I name each resume with the title of the JD. If I get rejected, I note down "rejected" on the file name. It's primitive, but it works well enough. Sure would be nice if I could hire an assistant to do this.

Video NDA

Just an idea
The Problem: Getting someone to sign an NDA is a pain
Hypothesized Solution: Use video and AI to virtually interview someone


Thinking about the painful process of developing an NDA, and then sending to someone to sign it. Why can't we do this over video?

Daily Wins

Just an idea
The Problem: I want an easy way to digitize and reference my daily journaling. I love journaling, but archiving and finding stuff is a pain.
Hypothesized Solution: Daily Wins to the rescue. Journal to your heart's content, and then send your journals in to be digitized, transcribed (cause we can do that now thanks to Amazon) and placed on the internet forever.


Selling pre-formatted journal blanks makes sense. For example, a box to lock/unlock your pages so that you can share privately, and an another section to enter the journal date.


Amazon Textract to the rescue

Rental Resume

Just an idea
The Problem: Most landlords need credit history and proof of income to get a rental
Hypothesized Solution: A third party identity and credit management company that builds a professional "rental resume" that you can share with a potential landlord


An idea I thought about a few years ago when I was trying to move to another rental but the most significant barrier is lack of employment proof.

The Product Podcast

Just an idea
The Problem: Where are the product podcasts?
Hypothesized Solution: Just a podcast..


Just an idea
The Problem: Building custom web apps is difficult. You need a Designer and Engineer and have to invest a tonne of money to get something standing up.
Hypothesized Solution: An app that you build programmatically - an abstraction layer that sits above your application that lets codify the business logic. A custom SDK for business logic that uses AI to assist.


Thinking about this as watch the webflow interview


Just an idea
The Problem: What if you own an electric car and are far from home or at work? And you are low on charge and there are no chargers around?
Hypothesized Solution: Enable homeowners to create a charging station lane by signing up, getting an installation, and completing their profile using an app. The home owner pays nothing for an installation (or buys it outright) and earns a residual income above their cost of electricity. Both the home owner and EC earns a cut. and the customer pays for the electricity cost.


Just an idea
The Problem: Mock interviews are either expensive to train (you have to signup) or are hard to schedule
Hypothesized Solution: An Uber for Mock interviews. You signup, start mocking one time for free, and then invite others on to the platform to do more mock interviews.


Viral component - the more people you invite, the more mocks you get to run. You can create your own private mock groups, or find public groups that you can join. The app automatically assigns mocks with people above, at and above your skill or experience level based on a shared calculation at the end of the mock. Who was more experienced? Who was less experienced?

Startup Games

Just an idea
The Problem: There are so many brilliant founders around, but no easy place to collaborate on ideas
Hypothesized Solution: A community platform where you work on startup ideas by contributing your knowledge and market insight, and gain points that can convert into equity later - should the idea go to market


I have been running this ideas board for a few weeks now. It's great, but I would love to collaborate on ideas with others. Maybe have live group meetings to work on specific artifacts like a canvas or something.

VideoPopsicle / WatchLaughTalk

Just an idea
The Problem: I would love to watch a video with friends and pause easily
Hypothesized Solution: An app where we can vote on a video, watch, have it pause automatically based on audio, and record the commentary


I just finished my first video with Teresa on Exponent and thought.. hmm.. wouldn't it be great if we watched a video together and could share/comment?


How to create virality: You invite friends and the only way for them to become users and launch their own popsicle is that you have to first do a video with them and then earn a certain score. The score is calculated on the number of pauses, re-starts, sounds recorded during (laugh, cry, talk, etc) etc.


Users that get more popsicles can invite more users to the platform. The users can also sell invites if they like and earn a cut too.

How to Build a Startup course

Just an idea
The Problem: Aspiring PMs don't really have a good grasp of how to build a startup and don't see the inherent learnings in that process
Hypothesized Solution: A pre-recorded course that PMs can take that walks them through all the phases of startup building


Something like...

> Ideation - from personal experience
> Mission/Vision
> Product design
> Estimation
> Potential users and pain points
> Prioritization focused on PMF
> Building a team
> Roadmapping and tactical work
> Measuring and Iterating


Each of these steps are eventually in the wheelhouse of a good PM and I think 90% of aspiring PMs don't have the skills or understanding of how to do this. This could easily be a course + live 1:1 or live group consults.

Expected outcome: Aspiring PM goes through each of each of these stages, they learn PM work in real-life and then showcase that on their social/resume

Crowd Collect

Just an idea
The Problem: Companies occassiionally need to crowdsource data collection
Hypothesized Solution: A service companies can engage that connects their request with crowds


Could a business exist to connect crowds with data needs?

Drop Stock App

Just an idea
The Problem: It's difficult to keep constant track of my stock portfolio and to setup stop loss entries
Hypothesized Solution: A mobile-first trading app that automatically sets up a stop loss entry for a pre-determined threshold

TG One Doc

Just an idea
The Problem: When you join a TG group.. its hard to see all the pinned messages and understand their context
Hypothesized Solution: Having a single web document with all pinned posts available to view in one screen would be great


Just an idea
The Problem: No website to share/collab on low-fidelity wireframes
Hypothesized Solution: Like Behance, but organized by category/tags and more searchable. Ability to import/export/sync with existing tools


I'm doing some wireframes now for a project, and was looking for wireframes that handle a specific area of my wireframe (adding filters)