Mayur Jobanputra


“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” – Shakespeare

Generate, Mint, and sell NFTs on the NEAR protocol using AI


The Team

Entrepreneur in Residence – Mayur Jobanputra
Designer – TBA
Developer – TBA

The Product is a web application that lets anyone visiting create, mint, and sell NFTs that are generated automatically using AI software. The target audience is anyone of any age and doesn’t require the user to have a NEAR wallet address or any prior knowledge of NFTs, or crypto technology. 

The problem

The NEAR protocol is working hard to increase adoption and ecosystem growth. Many opportunities exist to improve user adoption that need to get built. One of the issues we see across the entire crypto ecosystem is the difficulty of learning and using technology. Even experienced web2 Technology professionals have a difficult time learning and building in crypto. One of the new and emerging ideas in crypto is NFTs. Many artists produce NFTs using tools like or create art themsleves. AI-generated art is a new phenomenon that’s becoming popular. Despite YouTube videos being available, however, like the one below, the technology is still too unapproachable and difficult to use. AI-generated art hasn’t been fully integrated into NFT marketplaces either.