Mayur Jobanputra


“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” – Shakespeare

My NEAR projects

find me on Discord at Mayur#0001 here

I started looking at NEAR in December 2021 and was accepted as a NEAR Entrepreneur in Residence in mid-January 2022. Following are projects and startups that I’m aiming to build for the NEAR ecosystem.

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My NEAR Jan update:


My Discord id: Mayur#0001

Projects that I'm building...

Create AI-generated art by entering text. Mint and list the NFT in NEAR tokens. 

Status: Building team for POC

A playbook and starting point for NEAR makers and users to start building and using NEAR

Status: Discovery

NEAR Product Shapers Guild offers PSAAS (Product Shaping as a service) and PMAAS (Product Management as a service) for NEAR stakeholders.

Status: Creating POC

Like but for the NEAR protocol plus APIs for other NEAR projects to plug into.

Status: Discovery

Community for web3 and NEAR in the Cascadia region (Vancouver Canada to Portland Oregon)

Status: MVP launched

NEAR CRM (voluntary) to find all of the details about near users in ONE place. An easier way to find project partners, list projects and DAOs you are working on and in, and share your availability with others in NEAR.

Status: Discovery

last updated: January 18, 2022

Get in touch...

You can find me in any of the NEAR Discord servers by searching for Mayur#0001. LinkedIn works well also. If you want to book a meeting, feel free to book on my calendar. Email is OK, but I won’t respond as quickly. Email me at I live in Vancouver, Canada and I’m in GMT-7.