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Breathing and Metaphors

Breathe in, breathe out. 20,000 times a day on average. It’s a metaphor for your life. When you are young and ambitious, you breathe in by getting money, sex, people, children, possesions, profit, and experiences. When you are old, you breathe out by giving everything away – your daughter to

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It’s simpler than you think…

It’s that TINY little shift of energy within you.. the one you never paid much attention to….when you are doing something ordinary.. making breakfast.. driving.. at work.. ..the one where you start to sing along when a song comes on the radio ♫♪♫…and you start tapping your feet and smiling..

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The Sands of time

RE: Turning your dreams into reality..   Huge aha moment for me today.. thought I would share..   Regarding relationships.. I have had a tendency to live in a dream state… a kind of repeating Cinderella story.. she will magically fall into my lap and I can just sit there..

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