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My Crypto Journey (so far)

Building a Startup

I'm building what I never found: an inclusive, friendly community and DIY Incubator for Web3 Founders and Builders to build their startup.

I'm building a friendly community, a startup playbook, self-assessment tools, online courses, weekly events and AMAs, interviews and more.

Building a Startup

Crypto Education website and and podcast for Web3 Founders and builders

Why this startup ended: The brand never took off in my head. I couldn't get behind it truly authentically. I suppose because I'm not a Teacher - though I teach clients in my web dev agency.

I was also pivoting away from doing things that don't scale in the previous project (cryptodir.co) and thinking about building automated income through online courses. 

Online courses are still going to be part of my personal goals and business, but not for this brand. 

Building a Startup

I started with DAOdir.co - a directory of DAOs. Then I noticed that many other areas of crypto - DeFi, NFTs etc - didn't have a directory either and created a "parent" brand at cryptodir.co

Why this startup ended: It wasn't particularly sexy. Community wasn't joining - they were in too many Discords already - and the revenue model wasn't obvious. 

I thought about doing an NFT to support the network of directories I wanted to build but I didn't get a good feeling it would work out in the end.

What worked: I got to the 1st page of of Google SERP for "DAO directory" and DAOs started providing their info to me. I got to 20+ listed.

Entrepreneur in Residence
NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a layer-one blockchain that was designed as a community-run cloud computing platform and that eliminates some of the limitations that have been bogging competing blockchains, such as low transaction speeds, low throughput and poor interoperability.

→ Recruited 10+ individuals into the NEAR Protocol - Designers, Developers, Regional Leads
→ Advisor to NEARJapan.org
→ NEARStart.org - Decision tree for new NEARians
→ NEARPacific.com - Regional hub for Cascadia region

Web3 Advisor

After reaching out to the founder, I championed the first team call in late December on the first day after the announcement on Twitter, and was a pivotal in shaping the DAOs "first week". I helped setup communication and team infrastructure for their team, created their Google workspace, found
and helped hire a Project and Community Manager, and provided leadership and product guidance to
the founder.

Web3 Advisor

Setup communication and team infrastructure for their team. Created their Google workspace, found and helped hire a Project and Community Manager, and provided leadership and product guidance to the founder early on.

Got into Crypto
Discovered Bitcoin

Got into crypto. Discovered Doge, got into trading and learned about CEXs and DEXs.

See this post for more info.

What I'm Buidling Now

More info coming soon

What I Built in the Past

More info coming soon

Learn Crypto and Web3

I wrote a post with plenty of useful links. Go herea

Existing Clients

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After hours...

When I’m not at my desk, I pass the time readingbuilding and brainstorming startups, whiteboarding, blogging, building the future of money and tech, and occasionally, playing a bit of billiards.