Why I’m building trainercopilot.com – a story I haven’t shared until now.

Written in 2020

Why am I building trainercopilot.com? Here is the story I haven’t shared before…

My dad passed from Alzheimer’s in 2016. Leading up to his passing was a 9-year journey with my mom and I as primary caregivers. We both gained many emotional scars from the financial hardship, the lonely days, the sleepless nights, and the many runs to the hospital and care home. Only people in healthcare and other primary caregivers can truly understand the suffering and burden that this terrible illness can play in people’s lives.

We tried everything we could to keep him healthy. Some traditional Indian remedies and foods seemed to have an observable benefit (I won’t mention them here). The results were likely anecdotal. We did see some heightened awareness when applying them. Or maybe that’s just my imagination, hoping we could bring him back.

This journey profoundly affected my family and life. 2009, the crash, and losing my job at the time. Selling my apartment and moving back home, realizing my dad wasn’t well, a close family member losing everything, selling the family home, moving mom and dad, selling again, moving again, selling a 3rd time, moving him into professional care. Countless trips to the hospital, to care homes, to counsellors, and doctors.

I didn’t work for 9 years – apart from a few side gigs. It took a year just to think straight again after he passed. I have tried the past few years to find work again and had some success. Ageism, the big gap, and feeling unsure about my career haven’t made it easier.

Thankfully, I’m starting to dream again – something I did easily as a child. I think that’s the fuel I’m using now – hope, positivity and never giving up. I credit my father for it. “Go for it” he would often say.

I don’t like dwelling on a difficult past. I have always been positive and resilient – maybe more so as a result of this experience. I share the story because it’s the fuel and the motivation I’m using now. You could say I’m on a mission.

A mission to make sure my dad’s sacrifices aren’t wasted – 25+ years in tech, a tech generalist, a champion for change, a disruptor, and dot connector, a curious mind, and a self-taught designer.

I’m utilizing it all – the struggles, the triumphs, the skills learned through wonder and curiosity – to build trainercopilot.com, a voice-powered nutrition and medication tracker for health hackers, health professionals and the medical industry.

I hope you can come along and join me on the journey. I think I might just be able to build something amazing and make the world better.

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