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rapidly scale your business and get work done while you sleep with upwork

I have been using Upwork for nearly 12 years, have a 4.85-star rating, have hired more than 30 freelancers, and spent more than $4k over the past 10 years.

So when it comes to hiring freelancers, I’m definitely an expert-level user!

Most of you that are business owners, however, have probably NEVER hired someone on Upwork or Fiverr.

Join the workshop and get access to ALL of my secrets from working with Freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr learned over 20 years in business where you will learn:

  • How to hire
  • How to vet candidates
  • How to write a great post
  • How to set a fair budget
  • How to ensure great work is delivered
  • How to find A players (yes, there are many!!)

And most importantly, how to SCALE your time and get amazing work done WHILE YOU SLEEP!

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