Hello! I’m a Product Manager with a strong technical background and plenty of startup experience.

For more than 10 years, I have been part of Engineering teams that built B2C and B2B SaaS and e-commerce products.

I have also been an Entrepreneur and started early (in my teens) as a Designer and Digital Marketing Agency owner. Over the past 20 years, I have helped hundreds of small businesses, startups, freelancers, and coaches build their business and online brand.

My Technology industry experience as a Technical Writer, QA, and Release Engineer led me into Product Management. I’m combining it with my experience as a bootstrapped Entrepreneur to build a marketplace for fractional Product Management at fractional.pm.

If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out and say hello.

I help individuals with:
– starting their consulting journey
– landing their first PM role
– repositioning their resume and LinkedIn for career success
– nurturing their leadership potential and dreams

I help organizations with:
– product/service validation and market testing
– brand consulting and brand positioning
– digital marketing and web strategy
– solving difficult product challenges
– building multi-sided marketplaces

I’m currently based in Vancouver and welcome opportunities in The Valley, MENA region or remotely.

Projects I’m working on at the moment:

http://fractional.pm – founder, I’m building a two-sided marketplace
http://profile.pm – founder, LinkedIn meets Dribble, but for PMs
http://glvp.com – founder, my agency brand
http://thehalalfund.com – founder, startup incubator in MENA
http://lmon.ca Рconsultant, helping them with market validation