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Hello! I’m Mayur, an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Startup Mentor. I love working with purpose-driven creators and builders that want to change the world.

I spend most of my time as a Digital Marketer and Coach helping Women Entrepreneurs create Digital Coaching Businesses and Non Profits

I also create DIY workshops and tools to teach Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Success.

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Win/Win or No Deal

This is my golden rule in business and life. It’s why I have earned nearly all of my clients almost exclusively through referrals alone. 

Clients have trusted me for more than 20 years to help build and accelerate their brand through digital marketing, brand building, SEO and accessible design.

It’s simple: if we aren’t a good fit, I will be the first person to tell you so.

I would do it for FREE (if I could)

I absolutely love the work I do helping Entrepreneurs. I would do this work for free if I could. So I don’t take on new clients without knowing we are going to be on a clear path to success. 

Let me tell you, the worst feeling in the world for a creative person (like me) is sharing a passion with someone that isn’t a good fit and that won’t benefit. 

As a creative person, that’s definitely the case with me. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that we aren’t both winning.

Your success is my success. 

Helping you build your business and seeing your brand shine and prosper is my source of joy. For more than 20 years and counting I still get excited when I see clients achieve success. 

If you don’t succeed, I don’t either. 

Trust is everything. 

Trust is everything in business. Take a look at the many testimonials below to see the kind of trust I have built over the years in my Personal and Professional life.

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recommendations from clients, peers and partners...

"I find the most valuable asset in Mayur is his ability to take an idea and guide me the right direction to bring the idea to life."
His positive impact was felt quickly as he worked with stakeholders to finely articulate requirements, point out logical and/or technical gaps, and translate it all into developer-friendly language
He pays attention to and find new processes and best practices to bring forth the best and repeatable results in the least amount of time and effort.
He is extremely skilled at identifying obstacles to product development, and engaging key stakeholders to ensure that the right questions get answered and the right solutions get implemented.
He is extremely skilled at identifying obstacles to product development, and engaging key stakeholders to ensure that the right questions get answered and the right solutions get implemented.
Mayur is so amazing at what he does, he really does have a great eye for design and so much knowledge when it comes to SEO and business marketing.
I would strongly encourage anyone that is looking to develop our strengthen their business through their website to give Mayur a call.
I am so glad Mayur and I worked together putting my website together, and anyone who hires him for their business needs, will be very glad you did also!
I have been working with him for over 10 years. His knowledge regarding new technologies is incredible and he was just asked to visit the Web2.0 Expo in San Franscisco.
His drive for perfection and his ability to document all that he does makes him a excellent asset to anyone. We relied heavily on him to maintain our lab.
Mayur is a skilled and experienced technology specialist with great communication skill, project management and passion.

Existing Clients

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After hours...

When I’m not at my desk working Entrepreneurs, I pass the time readingbuilding and brainstorming startups, whiteboarding, and occasionally, playing a bit of billiards.