Mayur Jobanputra


“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” – Shakespeare

Hi I’m Mayur!

I’m a Solopreneur on a mission to build multiple passive income SaaS and content businesses. When I’m not building, I love mentoring entrepreneurs and founders to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

I have a lot of experience in Tech and Private consulting spanning more than two decades working in both Startups and Enterprises and have gained a tonne of experience in Design, Product, Marketing, Leadership and more. 

What I’m building

  • a web3 guide for newbies -
  • a web3 directory for DAOs, NFTs, and more -

My Web 3.0 Journey so far...

2015 - Discovered crypto and started trading on MtGox and Poloniex

2016 - Tried to develop a DeVideo Dapp to compete against Youtube

2021 - Returned to crypto and played catchup

  • Launched as a better alternative to Poocoin
  • Advisor to BlockbusterDAO on Product and Leadership
  • Advisor to RocketBUSD - a Safemoon clone on Product and Leadership
  • Launched to index DAOs
  • Launched to index all of crypto
  • Became Entrepreneur in Residence for NEAR Protocol

2022 - Various initiatives on NEAR Protocol

  • Launched to help new adopters
  • Launched Product-shaping-as-service inside the ecosystem
  • Launched to build a Regional web 3.0 Education hub
  • Currently building a web 3.0 education product for web 3.0 Recruiters