Mayur Jobanputra

Startup CxO

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I help tech startups build high performance Engineering, Product, and Design teams.
I do that with...

FREE Tips and Advice

Blog posts, interviews, case studies and much more. Most of it free, some for a small fee.

A Founder's Community

A private members-only community on Slack where founders can openly discuss challenges and ideas.

A VIP Job Board

Hiring doesn't work. As a candidate, sometimes, you need real help to get that next role.

1:1 Personalized Consulting

Consulting to address specific issues for those who want VIP service.

If you are a startup Founder, an Engineer, Designer or Product Manager, use my chat system below to get started.

Hello. My name is Mayur. I have spent 25+ years helping ambitious founders and startups launch their ideas into the world.  I try to help others by mentoring and speaking. If you think I can help your startup, feel free to reach out.

  • Worked for multiple companies in different Tech roles for 20+ years
  • Helped 100+ Entrepreneurs launch their business since mid-90’s
  • Currently leading Product and Marketing for a Fintech startup client, an NPO, and two of my own ventures.