Founder, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Startup Builder. I love working with purpose-driven founders and builders that want to change the world.

Thanks for taking an interest to learn more about me. I’m humbled 🙂

It’s been an interesting career and journey getting here. As someone that just turned 50 years old, and having been in the Tech industry since the early 90’s, its been amazing to see the Internet explode from where it started.

I would never have guessed all the major developments that I was lucky to be a first-hand witness to – the first search engine, the first live video broadcast online (I was personally involved with the geeks who did that!), the first video CDN (also involved with some of the early pioneers!), the rise of DNS and TCP/IP, the rise of the open source movement and tools like WordPress (also involved in the early days!), the first browser, Google, Youtube, and so much more. Let’s not forget Bitcoin either – my gosh what an invention!

For someone like me that’s creative, future thinking, and a polymath, the whole journey has felt like watching a Netflix 15-season series unfold over more than 25 years that you can’t stop watching. 

Over the years, I have been blessed to meet so many bright people in the industry. Older guys like me that helped to build the foundations of the Internet (plug here for my friend John Sokol!) and younger folks pioneering the 3rd Web through distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency. 

My main work these days is helping Entrepreneurs ideate, launch and build their businesses. Why? I love the excitement, challenge, and risk of early-stage business and startup building. Product development, Team building and Leadership, Funding, Sales & Marketing in a Digital world, Competition and everything else involved is incredibly challenging – something I have never shied away from. 

If you are a Founder, Entrepreneur, or hope to one day build your own business, I’m friendly and always open to chat. I’m on most of the major social networks and have them all listed below.

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When I’m not at my desk, I pass the time readingbuilding and brainstorming startups, whiteboarding, blogging, building the future of money and tech, and occasionally, playing a bit of billiards.