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Are you Languishing? Here is a discovery (maybe?) about the thing you are MEANT to do

I just watched this video by Adam Grant talking about “languishing”. That video hit me. If there was one word I could use about my 25+ year career and working life, it would definitely be this one word: languish. Much of my career has felt “meh”, and it shows in my work history – constantly moving from one job to another, never settling in and growing deep skill, quitting, jumping somewhere else, quitting again. Why has this happened to me? What did I do wrong? Why didn’t I seek help? Honestly, I guess I didn’t think I was broken. I

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Re-writing your resume? Focus on this!

I had a call yesterday with my previous manager and he coached me on an important point regarding my resume: The resume needs to pass the 10-second scan test – if the first gatekeeper scans your resume, is there enough there to allow you through gate #1 (call candidate)? The first call (usually HR) is typically short and is a sanity check – is this person a liar or a weirdo? Can I approve of them for the next call? Take all the key points out of a resume, and make sure they show up on the resume Most smart

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200+ Accelerators, Grants, Incubators, Government programs, Schools, and Organizations

It’s only been about 4 or so weeks but I have discovered many possibilities for acquiring funding and support from investors, schools, and government. Every time I look, I find something new. I only have 20+ listed here so far, but Dan Martell has 200+ more! I will do my best to keep this page updated as often as possible. If you see a new resource, PLEASE email me and let me know at so that everyone may benefit. Before you go anywhere on this list, you absolutely MUST connect with Dan Martell on LinkedIn. Dan has a list

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Value-based Product Development

TLDR: My raw written and mental notes from an SFU RADIUS Slingshot event February 27th The notes I made at the event: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 About the event… Firstly, for those that haven’t heard about it, RADIUS is a social innovation hub based out of the Beedie School of Business, SFU, and located in the heart of Vancouver at the Charles Chang Innovation Centre.  To learn more about the event where my notes took place, go here: Almost didn’t go… Yesterday, I visited SFU Beedie School for the first time. I got

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How to find a Technical co-founder? Search Google

I’m currently looking for a Technical co-founder for Since I’m at the pre-money stage, it’s going to be just me and this other person. I’m looking for some fairly simple requirements: A full-stack Developer Ideally, someone that has used Edamam API (this is the food database API I intend to query) and Google’s speech-to-text API Thinking about finding a Technical co-founder, I didn’t have past experience solving this problem. I intuitively know from 10+ years of past experience working with Engineers, that getting some belly-to-belly time is about the only way to find one. So my next step was

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Winning the Web 3.0 Contest by Read Write Web

This page is more of a historical account, rather then a deeper exploration into the topic. In 2007, I saw this page on readwriteweb: The post was a discussion of something I have been passionate about for a long time (mid-90’s), the web. ReadWriteWeb was running a contest asking users to define what web 3.0 meant to them. Here is the original contest: Read/WriteWeb has 3 passes to Web 2.0 Expo to give away, same as Techcrunch. I have to admit Mr Arrington came up with a pretty cunning means to give away their 3 passes – hes asking for

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