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100 ideas to think about for Goal setting + Resources

As with most of life.. this is a work in progress.. if you like it.. email me and I will finish it   Idea #1: Dreams have a habit of
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200+ Accelerators, Grants, Incubators, Government programs, Schools, and Organizations

It’s only been about 4 or so weeks but I have discovered many possibilities for acquiring funding and support from investors, schools, and government. Every time I look, I find
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Why I’m building – a story I haven’t shared until now.

Why am I building Here is the story I haven’t shared before… My dad passed from Alzheimer’s in 2016. Leading up to his passing was a 9-year journey with
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Value-based Product Development

TLDR: My raw written and mental notes from an SFU RADIUS Slingshot event February 27th The notes I made at the event: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4
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How to find a Technical co-founder? Search Google

I’m currently looking for a Technical co-founder for Since I’m at the pre-money stage, it’s going to be just me and this other person. I’m looking for some fairly
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Winning the Web 3.0 Contest by Read Write Web

This page is more of a historical account, rather then a deeper exploration into the topic. In 2007, I saw this page on readwriteweb: The post was a discussion of
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