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Nobody has the answer but you

Some of you are living a fulfilling and complete life. Through luck, hard work, and never giving up, you got it. Congratulations. I know it’s not always happy, but it is on balance. I haven’t been so lucky. But it’s not luck. I get it. It’s putting in the effort.

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Free PRD templates!

Who doesn’t love free PRD templates! 🤷 Here is a lovely resource I discovered thanks to Jaime Espinosa (for asking) and Gaurav Jindal (for sharing) in The Product Collective slack channel. P.S. If you are a Product person, join at

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Value-based Product Development

TLDR: My raw written and mental notes from an SFU RADIUS Slingshot event February 27th The notes I made at the event: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 About the event… Firstly, for those that haven’t heard about it, RADIUS is a social innovation hub based

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