I discovered my “why” by pure accident! Here is how to find yours

Written in 2022

This is not a $/flex post but it is a win in my books.

I woke up this morning realizing an important lesson about my life: my why

For my entire life (50 now) one thing has always brought out the fight in me: people getting ripped off. It’s fueled my work as a website designer and developer. It’s fueled my greatest wins and battles against the matrix and against scammers and “business coaches” that have ripped off my family, friends and clients. I have often gotten off my butt because someone was being ripped off or taken advantage of. I have stood up against tyrants at work and in my personal life. I have often searched for and found solutions for my clients because I wanted to find affordable alternatives to the bro marketers charging stupid money for business coaching courses.

Scammers anger me.

I even know where it all comes from as well: being bullied as a kid.

This anger and fight in me have fueled my ambitions to get into cadets as well (did it for about 5 years). Military movies and stories, and guys like Jocko Willink and Andrew Tate have inspired me because they are fighters and warriors like me.

Want to find your why?

It’s ironically simple: look inside for who you really are. Don’t look outside for inspiration, or a coach. Figure out the rocket fuel that gets you to take massive action.

What’s your why when nobody is looking?
What angers you?
What makes you so angry you could punch the wall?

Follow that feeling. Anger isn’t wrong. You are human. Anger is a powerful emotion if you can channel it toward something good for yourself and others. Anger is a form of energy that can keep you alive. It can be the rocket fuel that gets you to take massive action.

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