The Sands of time

Written in 2017
RE: Turning your dreams into reality..
Huge aha moment for me today.. thought I would share..
Regarding relationships.. I have had a tendency to live in a dream state… a kind of repeating Cinderella story.. she will magically fall into my lap and I can just sit there.. of course, that isn’t the case.. I still have to try and likely fail a lot too.. but thanks to Yoga, hard work, and many reality checks.. I gave up Cinderella a long time ago
The AH/LOA stuff I thought was the answer.. well it was.. but it also wasn’t.. its misleading.. the idea that we can just sit and dream it into existence.. well yes, actually we can.. but not quiet.. at least not everything in the way we think.. at the end of the dream.. we have to work.. put energy and effort in.. with a positive outcome in mind..
Anyways.. I don’t know how to explain what I figured out but using a sand castle metaphor seems to provide a clue.. maybe some of you can elaborate..
“Life is like sand.. you are given this infinite beach of pure white sand.. its perfect weather.. and u can build the sand castle of your dreams.. and if you have loved ones.. you can even make room for them to build their dream too. but thing is, they might not want a castle. They might want a sand monster, or sand house, or sand cave. They might just wait for you to see how you build your castle, and then get inspired to build their own. One thing you have to remember, the castle won’t appear on it’s own. The ocean won’t come crashing in and build it automatically. When you wake up each day, whatever you build will still be there.. unless you build it too close to the ocean.. 

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